Sunday, September 16, 2012

15 Days And No Word From Walker Sanders or John Lomax

It has been 15 days since I broke the story of the Sanders-Lomax Scandal in which John Lomax of Lomax Construction is said to have taken Walker Sanders and his wife Dabney Sanders on vacation to Bermuda in return for Dabney's securing $800,000 in downtown Greensboro Greenway construction contracts for Lomax Construction.

Could I be wrong? Are my sources lying to me? Perhaps. But if that's the case then why haven't Walker Sanders, Dabney Sanders, John Lomax, the Greensboro City Council, the Greensboro News & Record, the City Staff, Action Greensboro, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, WFMY TV or anyone else made any effort to prove me wrong? After all, it's not like all of them haven't been informed of what I know. I contacted all of them myself.

And if I'm wrong then why did Lomax remove the photo in question from his Facebook page?

What are all of them hiding from? The longer they wait the bigger it gets.