Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are You Ready To Rethink Moving That PAC?

With all the problems surrounding the planning of the downtown Greensboro performing arts center and the recent Sanders-Lomax Scandal I thought it time I revisit the original premiss for starting this blog, that being considering the little green circle as a possible site for Greensboro's performing arts center.

Never mind the abundant parking or the fact that the city owned property would knock $20 Million Dollars off the top of the bill. Never mind easier access to the major highways and most of the city. Never mind the fact that doing so would help rejuvinate a neighborhood that was deliberatly destroyed by Greensboro's downtown developers. Never mind the $Millions that will be saved because the east Greensboro site is miles closer to the sewage treatment plant and has a sewage system that is 50 years newer that the worn out 100 plus year old downtown sewer system. Never mind the fact that there's plenty of land available nearby for motels and better views and all at lower prices. Or that many of the property owners are willing to sell cheap. Never mind that the raciest elite won't come to East Greensboro. Never mind that the City of Greensboro owns almost 2000 acres in East Greensboro that is generating zero tax revenue for the City. Does the City pay County property taxes?

Never mind all that. Just consider the fact that according to the Greensboro Police Department, the neighborhood in which I'm proposing we place Greensboro's performing arts center is not only safer than Downtown Greensboro but equally as safe as New Irving Park where many of Greensboro's well-to-do live.

Hey, I can't write GPD statistics, I can only quote them. A lot has changed for the better in my neighborhood since 2007 and I'd like to see the upward trend continue. After all, Downtown Greensboro created the problems, Downtown Greensboro owes it to every Greensboro neighborhood to fix it.

But hey, never mind all that.