Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybe George Hartzman Is On To Something

I admit, George's writing style can be difficult and a lot of people dismiss him for that reason alone but coming from the #1 gem producing state in the nation I've long known that finding gems requires that one dig through a tons of gravel before one finds a single precious stone and those too lazy to dig and sift will never find the treasure they seek.

George has been almost ranting about Guilford County property taxes and honestly most of it has been over my head but a recent letter from market research specialist, Andy Moncla to John Hammer of the Rhino Times seems to shed new light on the subject.

"John,  I think you missed George's point. 

Based my understanding, his point is simply that the valuation of properties  doesn't match up to current market conditions. 

In my conversations with George, a "Rich Stupid People Club" never came up. 

George's "theory" is not a theroy at all, rather, it is a review of the numbers. 

I analyzed the data at George's request. 

Here are the facts:

Residential homes now valued under $150,000 (59.8% of all homes in Guilford Couty decreased in value by an average of -$2,568.70.

Residential homes now valued at $150,000+ (40.2% of all homes in Guilford Couty) increased in value by an average of $6,760.30.

Residential homes now valued at $250,000+ (15.1% of all homes in Guilford Couty) increased in value by an average of $9,981.20.

So, the point is, while property properties eroded, especially on the higher value homes, the increases in valuation are disproportionately assigned to the higher value homes. 

That's all there is to it.

“We looked into it and it all seemed a little farfetched to us.”

Please desrcibe how you looked into it. 

We looked at the data for every residential property in Guilford County. 

The facts are what they are.

Andy Moncla
VP – Business Intelligence
MTN Retail Advisors"

George adds:

"As a group, you should be ashamed of yourselves for this.

Not only has not one news outlet not bothered to give this guy a call, but not one has actually reported similarly found information which I have covered, on video, in open sessions of City Council and Commissioner meetings.

Willful Journalistic Negligence.

In essence, you have betrayed the trust of taxpayers in Guilford County.

Journalism that betrays victims is accomplice to the perpetration."

I would simply like to add that while George has repeatedly asked the following journalists and politicians to contact Mr Moncia concerning this matter, all of them have ignored George Hartzman's requests:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 Billy Jones <>,,,,

Yes, even me.