Wednesday, September 26, 2012

News & Record Shoots Way Off Target

Once again, the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight misses the entire target with their editorial, The private police. While the editorial buffoons at the N&R are shooting at former Army Ranger, Charles C. Sluder and Lankford Protective Services they need to be reminded that Sluder was providing security services on City of Greensboro owned property and had the Greensboro City Council done its job and hired enough Greensboro Police Officers in the first damned place there would be no need to hire private police and the moronic News & Record editorial would be all for naught.

Oh wait, I'm mistaken, the moronic News & Record editorial is all for naught. What was I thinking?

Seriously folks, nobody gives rent-a-cops the respect they deserve. Nobody gives cops the respect they deserve but rent-a-cops get even less respect. If Charles C. Sluder and others like him are to risk their lives protecting the citizens and property of the City of Greensboro then they deserve to be hired by the Greensboro Police Department and given the same pay, benefits, training, tools and backup as our regular Greensboro Police Officers and not forced to work as scabs and second class cops.

Call the News & Record at 1-800-553-6880 or locally at 336-373-7000 and express your outrage at the way they have treated this American combat veteran who put his life on the line at home and abroad for all of us.