Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fair Is Fair

I realize the City of Greensboro has budget needs but with the City preparing to spend $60 Million Dollars on a downtown performing arts center it seems odd that the City would feel the need to charge "convenience fees" when in fact the cost of electronic transactions are lower. Or double billing for water deposits.

Speaking of GPAC, still no word from Walker Sanders on if the Community Foundation has actually raised those matching funds but that's okay as he won't be able to keep that scam up very much longer.

Did you know that up until this week the City of Greensboro did not have the right to look into the books of groups like Action Greensboro even though Action Greensboro and the rest of the Greensboro Partnership non profits have received $Millions in City funding. You can thank your's truly and Real Progress for Greensboro for bringing the Sanders-Lomax Scandal to the attention of the City of Greensboro and saving you $Millions in years to come. What will become of the $Millions that have already been embezzled is anyone's guess. And why hasn't Dabney Sanders released those meeting minutes? You reckon it requires a month or so to manufacture meeting minutes?

Methinks we need to push for an end to all public funding for the Greensboro Partnership and all its members. And why is the City subsidizing multiple foundations worth over $100 Million each.

So far the Food Truck Program that was fought by Downtown Greensboro Incorporated (another Greensboro Partnership member company) has been an overwhelming success and no downtown restaurants have gone out of business. I know people who have traveled from the burbs to downtown for lunch every day since the trial began. Word is, it has attracted more people to downtown. Imagine that?

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this weeks letter from the City Manager. Time to feed the chickens. And coffee, I need coffee!

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