Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not So Fast, Mr Mayor!

Early in last night's City Council meeting, Mayor Robme Perkins announced that Greensboro is adding 1700 jobs due to BB&T moving into the empty American Express customer service center near the airport.

"BB&T continues to grow organically," said Chris Henson, BB&T chief operating officer. "The new BB&T Triad Corporate Center allows us to consolidate offices, many of which are nearing capacity, in a central location and provide space for future expansion."

Consolidate? As in move offices from Winston-Salem? How many of those workers will live in Greensboro, shop in Greensboro, raise their families in Greensboro, invest in Greensboro? And how many will simply commute from Winston-Salem where they now live, shop, raise their families and invest?