Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What If April Harris Had A Clue?

In today's News & Record, April Harris of Action Greensboro writes How an army base became a business incubator as a pitch for the building of more industrial parks. No, she doesn't say that but there certainly aren't 650 available acres anywhere near the new location of the Nussbaum Center so why the pitch at all.

I know the history of ORD. My Daddy was stationed at ORD and I grew up in East Greensboro. But what April fails to mention is that ORD butted up against the Greensboro City Limits and the industrial parks Action Greensboro and the rest of the Greensboro Partnership are pitching all sit 10 miles outside the city limits. In 1940, gasoline was $0.19 cents per gallon, today it nears $5.oo per gallon. We can't afford to drive all the way to Alamance County or Forsyth County when the largest tracts of available land are right here in East Greensboro.

Oh, and they already have easy access to Interstates and railroads.

Paid shills are always the easiest to rebuke.

Update: April's article scored a Bullshit Index of 0.43 on the BlaBlaMeter with the following commentary:

"Something's getting a bit fishy. You probably want to sell something, or you're trying to impress somebody. It still may be an acceptable result for a scientific text."

I'd say that tells us what we needed to know.