Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Put Greensboro's Performing Arts Center In Greensboro's Most Dangerous Neighborhood?

From the Greensboro News & Record, Public’s ideas on performing arts center design, location sought:

"From Oct. 16-18, the team of architects and theater, acoustics and cost consultants will set up shop in the Elm Street Center lobby at 203 S. Elm St. for an intense period of design activity called a “charrette.”

There, it will ask for building ideas — not only from an arts center task force, local elected officials and arts groups, but from the public.

“We want this to be the people’s performing arts center,” said Louise Brady, who leads the community task force researching the idea for Greensboro City Council.

“We want it to be something that Greensboro is proud of, that Greensboro had a hand in developing and crafting...”

Now we get to the good part:

"The task force has narrowed the location to three possible sites: the block bounded by North Elm, Bellemeade and Lindsay streets and Summit Avenue; a city parking lot on West Washington Street near the Carolina Theatre; and a News & Record parking lot on East Washington Street."

Of note: according to the most recent Greensboro Police Department statistics, all 3 sites under consideration are located in Greensboro's Deadliest Neighborhood.

If I were at that meeting I think I would be asking GPAC promoters and city council why they are only considering the most dangerous place in Greensboro-- according to GPD-- as the location for our city's gem?