Thursday, November 15, 2012

Billy Jones Is A Liar

I hear that with every blog post. Or I read things like Allen Johnson of the News & Record carelessly accusing me in the comments (2nd page) of ...reckless disregard for others....

I told the story of how Mayor Robbie Perkins ripped off his father-in-law and how Mr Dabbs got cheated out of his money because there was no written contract. From this week's Rhino Times:

"Robbie Perkins was also being sued by his father-in-law, Bob Dabbs, for $16,000. Robbie Perkins won that case on summary judgment, which means the judge decided that there were no material issues of fact involved and there was no need for a jury to hear evidence and make a decision.

Dabbs was suing because he wrote Robbie Perkins a check for $16,000 on Feb. 19, 2009. Dabbs said the $16,000 was a loan to pay the tuition at Greensboro Day School for Robbie and Carole's youngest daughter, who is his granddaughter.

Dabbs said he had loaned Robbie Perkins money before to buy a car and that Perkins had paid him back with interest, so he thought it would be OK to loan him some more money without a formal written agreement.

Dabbs said the case was decided against him by North Carolina Superior Court Judge Patrice Hinnant because he didn't have a promissory note, a written contract or a "meeting of the minds" about the $16,000.

Dabbs said, "I'm retired on a fixed income and the man took advantage of me."

He added, "They are going through a messy divorce and I'm having to support my daughter. I'm having to put food on her table and gas in her car and having the yard mowed because he's not paying her anything."

I believe I also mentioned the Mayor was refusing to pay his child support. Well just so you know, Mr Mayor, I paid my child support and as best as I can remember I was only late 1 month in all those many hard years of never earning over $30,000 in even the best years.

Also from John Hammer's article:

"Dabbs said he was having to sell property and borrow money himself in order to support his daughter and granddaughter because Robbie Perkins was not paying for anything."

So tell me Greensboro, do you still believe the story that Robbie Perkins left his director's job at Newbridge Bank earning $36,500 per year while $1.2 Million Dollars behind on his mortgage and owing the IRS over $80,000 in taxes so that he could "spend more time with his family"? Seems pretty far fetched being he doesn't even think enough of his own daughter to feed her.

All the while the Mayor can't make ends meet on $459,000 a year? Must be some expensive vices there Mr Mayor, expensive vices indeed.

And to think, people still claim I'm the liar and people claim I'm the one who recklessly disregards others. Well here's something for you Allen Johnson, had you and the News & Record reported on the Mayor's running around on his wife like myself and dozens of others reported to you, Robbie Perkins might not be mayor right now and we might not be having this battle. It was the News & Record's reckless disregard for the citizens of Greensboro that allowed this entire mess to happen in the first place.

Now if I could only get John Hammer and the News & Record to pay me for all these hot leads I've been e-mailing them almost daily... Why I could afford Libby Hills or Darryl's even. (They're both locally owned.) Come on John, the least you could do is reply to my e-mail and say thanks. I don't really want your money. At least Amanda with the N&R finally thanked me in a blog thread.