Thursday, November 1, 2012

Greensboro Shows Its True Colors?

In reading and commenting on News & Record blog threads and articles concerning Monday night's East Greensboro Summit I've come to some conclusions concerning many of the commenters at the News & Record.

We have a city full of people who consider themselves experts about East Greensboro when in fact they're not from here and know little or nothing about it except what they've seen from driving through. Never mind that the housing projects and 30 plus years of zero police protection destroyed the neighborhoods Never mind that the City promised to spread the housing projects out all over town then built a second housing project on Phillips Ave. Allen Johnson and I grew up in roughly 6 blocks from one another during the same time period. How could we expect to have a safe neighborhood when we had no cops and police response times were the next day?

But in 2007 when I ran my write-in campaign for mayor and got all of 30 votes but forced Johnson and Kern to start talking about Greensboro's Gang issues things changed for my neighborhood. Now I can get a cop or 10 in 2 minutes flat! Downtown is now the most dangerous neighborhood in Greensboro but the N&R blog commenters aren't scared to go downtown-- why?

I read complaints about piles of trash on the street. Most of that comes from slumlords and is illegal. A lot of it is also caused by people who are turned away from the White Street C&D landfill because they don't have tarps or covers on their trucks or trailers. The trash comes from all over Greensboro and Guilford County and is dumped illegally in East Greensboro because of short-sighted City regulations. But according to the all knowing high and mighty News & Record commenters it's the fault of East Greensboro residents.

I read comments about people not working... Duh! East Greensboro is the area of the city with the highest unemployment rate!!! And what is the Mayor proposing? Empty industrial parks on the Alamance and Forsyth County Lines so Kernersville and Burlington might someday get more jobs.

As for the comments on the Mayor's Summit: Never in my life have News & Record commenters expressed such stupidity! East Greensboro came out AGAINST the very things the majority of the N&R commenters are complaining about and the majority of the N&R commenters attacked East Greensboro.

I believe the News & Record commenters showed their true colors. Like the cowards they are they hide behind anonymity and opine racist and classist remarks about things they know nothing about giving more power to the real enemy that East Greensboro came out to fight-- the same enemy they constantly complain about in the daily threads at the News & Record. And they wonder why it was so easy for Robbie Perkins to gain the trust of East Greensboro before.

I'll tell you why: Because you stupid freaking idiots drove East Greensboro right into Robbie's lying, open arms, that's why!