Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ed Wolverton Takes The DGI Fall

Just as has been predicted on this blog and others, Edwin Wolverton is about to go job hunting. Prospective employers will no doubt find much criticism of Mr Wolverton on blogs throughout Greensboro, North Carolina but please understand that we've all had jobs too and understand that some bosses, like those Ed Wolverton has been forced to spend the last 15 years working for, make it very hard to do the right thing.

So please, before you refuse to hire Mr Wolverton, please read, Eric Robert On Ed Wolverton. If Eric and I who have long been some of Ed's worst critics can come out and publicly say these things about Mr Wolverton then surely he deserves better than Downtown Greensboro Incorporated-- a lot better.

I've been there, I know what it's like to take the blame and be forced out the door, even blackballed so that my crooked bosses could save their own hides. I've been very hard on Ed Wolverton and while we'll probably never be friends I've experienced the nightmare Ed is experiencing right now. Mr Wolverton, don't be ashamed and should you feel the need for a top notch therapist I know the best in Greensboro. Hell, even if you don't feel the need, hire her anyway and make DGI pay for it as part of your package. She's not hard to look at and it would serve them right to have to pay her bill.