Saturday, June 28, 2014

So Mr Westmoreland, What Was That All About?

At Friday's City Foundations of Management graduation, the statement was made by Jemiah Waterman who I think might be the  interim assistant city manager over legal issues, that it is and has been City of Greensboro policy that any employee who has an outside job must submit notice of said job by way of a City form detailing the job, the company's name, and the responsibilities. Then sort of under his breath he made some vague references to what may be some present situations.

Jim Westmoreland quickly intervened and asked him to move on.

City policy mandates immediate corrective action(s) (disciplinary action). Also, the supervisors(s) who knowingly allowed the infraction to continue are also accountable and subject to the same corrective action(s).

Keep that in mind as you Greensboro's Illegal Landfills.