Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heritage House: The Media Is Proving Me Right... Again

Funny, just a week ago the News & Record was making the claim that the majority of Heritage House landlords were living out of state. Then yesterday I started naming names.Today the print edition of the News & Record reports that 19 units are owned by California residents and that the majority are locally owned. Why did they lie before?

Is Heritage House a case of Civil Forfeiture, designed to profit the City of Greensboro without protecting any of the rights of property owners? Or are they in-fact doing favors to profit well connected elites in Greensboro? The following video might lead you to believe so.

Was there a court order to leave the building? If so, who was the judge and in what court does he preside? None of the media reports to date have mentioned a court order-- why? Last night I submitted a public information request via the City's PIRT Tracking System #3724 Order In The Court asking for the court order or other documents that were presented to residents of Heritage House-- it shouldn't take the City long to produce it if such a document exists. Funny, if a landlord evicts a tenant the landlord is required to give no less than 30 days notice but the City doesn't have to obey the law?

"Residents were given about one month’s notice of the water shut off. Since then community groups like the Greensboro Housing Coalition have helped more than 100 families finding housing.Some though were still signing up for help on move out day. They told FOX8 they had been turned down for assistance in previous attempts to get help through non-profit organizations."

Seriously, about 1 month's notice. Three weeks is about a month, right? How many of you reading this could afford to move from your homes with less than 30 days notice? Especially those of you who own or are buying your homes. You see, all the City and the Media wants to talk about is tenants but many on the list of Heritage House owners actually lived there.

So what's the conspiracy? The plan is for one of the current Irving Park slumlord owners of Heritage House to own the entire property after he buys it from the City of Greensboro at a rock bottom price and my bet is on Charles Coffey with help from Sonny Vestal, Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber who slipped Ben Holder the Heritage House story in the first place and created the entire media circus around it.

A week ago I e-mailed Beth Mcgee-Hugler of the Greensboro Housing Coalition in a related investigation to ask her how she first learned of the Request For Proposals for the code enforcement contracts filled by both her and Ben Holder. Ms Mcgee-Hugler has not replied to my e-mail. Other sources have told me she has also been silent when they asked the same question. The Greensboro Housing Coalition is involved in the relocation of refugees of Heritage House as noted by numerous media outlets.

Remember my remarks about Charles Coffey? Now they're talking about him too:

Why is it I have to do their jobs for them before they'll get off their asses and report the news?