Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mark Walker Wins Primary Runoff

As predicted by Roch Smith Jr, Rev Mark Walker won the election yesterday against a corrupt and overwhelming political foe who would stop at nothing. I'm going to step out on a limb and say Mark Walker will also win in November.

People see Mark Walker as an honest man and even Liberals like myself are fed up with dishonesty in politics. I don't agree with everything Mark stands for but have come to understand honestly is more important than ideology and partisan party politics. We need men like Mark in Washington.

The day will come when I disagree with Mark's vote but it won't be because I question his integrity. Corruption is the bigger enemy the left and the right must face and Mark Walker will face that enemy in a way that even Howard Coble never could. Mark comes from outside the party with support from the right, left and in-between. I don't hold Mark's religious or political views but know Mark to be an honest man.

And personally I'd rather disagree with someone than worry about his or her price for being bought off. North Carolina needs Mark Walker in Washington, let's put him there.