Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No Auto Plant For The Triad

The Associated Press confirms that Volkswagen has chosen Chattanooga as the location for their newest auto plant. From the AP:
"Volkswagen on Monday announced the expansion, which is expected to cost $600 million and add about 2,000 new factory jobs at the Chattanooga site. About 2,400 employees work at the factory now, making the Passat midsize car. The company also plans to add a research and development facility, employing about 200 engineers.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said the terms of the deal came together about five weeks ago, prior to what UAW leaders have called a "consensus" with Volkswagen.

UAW Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casteel said last week he is confident VW will recognize the union if it signs up a "meaningful portion" of Volkswagen's workforce in Chattanooga, though he did not elaborate on what the threshold would be.

State and local leaders celebrating the expansion at a downtown event Tuesday afternoon said the investment demonstrates Volkswagen's commitment to the region.

"There are cities and communities all over the country that would love to be sitting where Chattanooga is sitting today," Haslam said."

So there is no need to build the proposed megasites in Randolph and Guilford County as no one is coming to fill them. No need to spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars that could be better spent somewhere else. Proving once again it's time Greensboro concentrated on putting jobs inside the city limits instead of lining developers' pockets.