Saturday, July 5, 2014

Will Greensboro Survive The "Peace Fallout"

Today's News & Record Editorial speaks of the effects of layoffs and returning military personnel as troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan with concerns for Fayetteville and Eastern North Carolina as "16,000 soldiers and civilian employees by 2020" are let go and the Fayetteville region loses "more than 21,000 jobs, more than 40,000 residents and $11.3 million in annual sales tax receipts."
But that's only the beginning. For you see, currently things are better in Fayetteville than they are in Greensboro where leaders also need to be looking very hard at what the "peace fallout" might also bring here as the majority of our local manufacturers have military contracts.

Greensboro stands to lose just as many jobs as the Fayetteville region and we're already behind.

Fact is: many if not most of those folks in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg are only there because of the military, they'll return home to find jobs where they used to live just like has always been done when wars come to an end. But where will the folks from Greensboro-- those of us that are from here-- go home to find jobs?

We can't wait on state lawmakers, we're not even on their RADAR-- the Greensboro City Council has to act.