Friday, August 8, 2014

How The Heritage House Story Changes With Time

What I'm I am writing can be verified via the City's PIRT System by anyone with internet access. You can even use it to submit your own public information requests.

Last Monday morning Jeffery Faith filed a complaint electronically with the Greensboro Police Department concerning the events that had caused him to loose the home at Heritage House that he and his wife were planning to move in next month. He then sent me the contents of his complaint along with proof from the City of Greensboro that his complaint had been received.

Also on Monday morning I submitted the following public information request #3736 titled, Have Faith Ye Of Little Minds to the City of Greensboro. You see, Mr Faith had just tipped me off as to what he had done:
Please send me a copy or copies of the complaint(s) filed with the GPD by Jeffrey Merle Faith and others concerning Heritage House.


I gave them the complainant's name. People of reasonable intelligence would have been able to figure out I knew complaint(s) had already been filed. The City's response:

"Added By: Susan Danielsen

GPD has no records responsive to this request."

This new PIRT System leaves a publicly accessible paper trail, Folks. As you will see, not only have I proven the Greensboro Police Department lied, I've also proven Ms Sarah Healy innocent of having participated in this fraud perpetuated by Susan Danielsen and the GPD where Ms Danielsen is a sworn police officer.

Of course, that lead to a surprise ending to my blog post on Wednesday and a day of e-mails with city council members that any journalist worth his or her salt should be asking to see but apparently don't give a shit about because they've submitted no PIRT requests. (Or the City is back to it's same old tricks of choosing favorites when it comes to PIRT requests-- you decide.)

Then on Wednesday Sal Leone submitted a PIRT request for the same thing I asked for on Monday #3754  Heritage House Complaints:

"I am looking to see if any resident has filed a complaint for the HOA of Heritage House not paying bills with dues. I know of one report that was filed on P2C and wondering if that report has been transferred to an incident report with a department OCA number given. I like that report and any other report filed.

I also like to know the case status which should be on the report, I like to have if possible not just the incident report but the other pages that come with it that are not put on P2C, that includes the Officer  narrative and supplement section of the report.

Have these complaints been assigned to CID yet."

The City's reply:

"Comments from: sc danielsen ON 8/7/2014 11:40:50 AM
FOR Police
Added By: Susan Danielsen

One person submitted a complaint about Heritage House HOA through GPD’s P2C website. This entry is not a public record under G.S. § 132-1.4, and it does not contain any information which is a public record under G.S. § 132-1.4(c).
Based on the entry into P2C and other information available to the City, there is insufficient evidence at this time to give rise to suspicion that a financial crime has been committed.
Therefore, GPD has no records responsive to this request."

Sal is a police office himself, and a damned good investigator. He believed me but he checked behind me anyway. I like that. I also like the fact that Sal Leone is running for City Council State House. Okay this next part can't be verified by the City's PIRT system... yet.

They lied to me. Flat out lied to me.  Why? Why was it not sufficient to tell me the same thing they later told Sal Leon after I had already caught them at a lie and e-mailed Mr Faith's complaint to Margaret Moffet of the News & Record for her Thursday article, Heritage House condo owner files theft report with police (video)

And now police claim evidence is missing from Mr Faith's complaint. And it will remain missing as long as police aren't looking for any evidence. It is the job of police investigators to look for evidence-- what in the hell do you think they get paid to do?

Heritage House homeowners paid an average of $200 per unit to the HOA-- some slightly more, some slightly less. $200 times 177 units is roughly $35,000 a month times 12 months is $420,000 a year. These were 1 and 2 bedroom units with low electric bills and small families who use very little water. $420,000 a year and no crime has been committed? Bullshit! Who is the City of Greensboro covering for this time?

One possibility I'm looking into is that the Meridian Event Center located in the same building shared the same water and electric meter with Heritage House. Meridian advertised their address as 312 West Meadowview but according to their business license, Meridian's address was/is 310 West Meadowview-- the same as Heritage House. I've submitted PIRT # 3756 Crossing The Meridian to find out. I don't know but the answer to my PIRT request will supply the answer. Of course it appears the City of Greensboro will attempt to cover that up as well:
"State law doesn’t require city officials to make all the information accessible to the public, but officials can choose to do so if they determine that would be in the best interest of the public.

The News & Record asked City Attorney Tom Carruthers on Thursday to release 24 months’ worth of information on Heritage House’s water bills — specifically the amount owed and the amount paid.

The information would shed light on when the complex’s financial problems started and whether the problems could have been prevented sooner.

Carruthers declined, saying the city typically would do so in response to a court order.

“The Heritage House does not fall within these defined circumstances,” he said. “We therefore do not wish to release the records.”

Carruthers said he would provide the water-bill data to Heritage House’s property owners — if any owner asked."

The owners of Meridian also own numerous units inside Heritage House under another corporate name. Release the information Mr Carruthers lest you too become a suspect. Hell, Carruthers already looks suspect to any normal human being. So does the entire Greensboro City Council. No, Meridian's water usage won't account for all the missing money but if they'll steal water they'll steal anything, right?

In an e-mail on Wednesday a city council member promised to give me an answer to the following questions:

"Whose idea was it to force everyone from the building?

What other options were discussed?

Why were none of the ideas I presented on my latest blog post chosen?

Why did no one take into account the Constitutional Rights of the residents of Heritage House?

Who told you there were no owner/residents living in Heritage House?

You say you sent everyone a letter with contact information-- who were they to contact?

How is it that landlords are required by law to give no less than 30 days notice of an eviction but the City of Greensboro can do the same in a couple of weeks? How many days notice, exactly, were residents given?

Some I have talked to who contacted the city told me they were told their property was being taken by eminent domain but eminent domain requires that a project already be publicly announced BEFORE said projects are taken so legally eminent domain cannot be used. This suggests those who were answering the phone were either inept or a conspiracy is going on.

How much did the City of Greensboro forgive in Water Bills last year? Koury Corporation alone got over $60,000. The City can forgive water bills to Billionaire developers but not poor people?"

And this one:

"Heritage House was at one time owned by the Greensboro Housing Authority-- why was it sold?"

It rattles me to no end that what was once a City owned old folks home was sold off to developers who sold it to individual homeowners only to have it taken away by the City who is again talking about converting it into an old people's home. That councilmember's promise to me:

"Billy I will be glad to answer those questions that I can, but some of these have to be answered by others and they will be."

That was Wednesday, it's Friday, I'm still waiting... Not one of my questions have been answered. But I won't wait forever as patience is not a virtue with which I was bestowed much of.  The City didn't spend much time thinking about the consequences of what they were doing at Heritage House, now is not the time to tell me to be patient or change the subject of the conversation as they are so apt to do when they are loosing the argument.

I've now changed the way I plan to promote my blog, writing to homeowners associations all across the nation to tell them of my blog and what has happened here in Greensboro so that they will all know that none of their homes are safe as long as this decision is allowed to stand. Honest people were robbed of their homes by the City of Greensboro and no neighborhood anywhere in the nation is safe.

I might even make amends with a certain 2 bit lawyer who threatened to sue me some time back. Politics do make strange bedfellows.

The media reports all said the City would have as many as 50 Greensboro Police officers stationed at Heritage House to protect the property from looters. I went to Heritage House today, circled the entire property and saw not 1 single Greensboro Police cruiser. I guess now that renters have been allowed to remove their personal property it's free picking for thieves looking to steal appliances, copper and brass plumbing and copper wiring.

In weeks the entire building will be gutted just the way Greensboro leaders planned and the longer GPD delays an investigation the dirtier it looks.