Monday, August 25, 2014

More You Didn't Know About Heritage House

From a recent post I just found on the web:

"HERITAGE HOUSE APARTMENTS monument to Greensboro's legacy of STUPIDITY!

So what ever happened to the rosy architectural drawings, and promotional piece in the News & Record describing how some brainy re-developer from paradise had spectacular plans to convert the big building on West Meadowview road into affordable condominiums for students, disabled and low income buyers.  Amenities were to include a "FOOD COURT" and landscaping bla bla bla.  Yeah right. 

 I took a drive by the place a few years after all this was announced and the only obvious external changes to be seen were poor quality, crude repaving patches, newer fences and so on.   At one time I had actually considered making a "statement" against suburbia by moving from lake Daniel to this complex because it reminded me of a place I had lived previously in New York City with similar architecture, it felt secure in violent weather AND because it had been my late Mother's first "stop" in her ten year institutional odyssey of various assisted living communities when it was then named Village Green and managed by the City of Greensboro.   

Anyway when I saw the news today of how nasty the place has become and what a total failure it was as a condo or rental apartment complex so much so that it's being VACATED yet again by the same stupid CITY of GREENSBORO that ok'd it's last several incarnations.  When I saw this It occured to me but apparently NEVER to the City of Bone Brains that this complex WAS A FAILURE FROM DAY UNO."  Please continue reading...

I don't know who Yo So is but I will be adding Courthouse Elevator Fartz to my blogroll. If nothing else, the 40 year history of what we now call Heritage House has proven Greensboro's status quo leadership haven't the ability to govern, lead or even get out of the way and are in-fact the #1 impediment to progress and growth in Greensboro.