Monday, August 11, 2014

No Evidence Of A Crime-- Seriously?

A human skull is found laying on a Greensboro street and Fox8 reports:

"But, police say they have not found any evidence of a crime."

Seriously? They go on to write:

"Police believe the skull came out of a school’s science lab. They plan send it to the State Bureau of Investigation for further examination."

Stealing the skull from a school science lab would be a crime, right? Schools don't give those things away. How about littering? How about endangering persons riding bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles should they happen to hit the skull on the street-- would that not be a crime as well?

Yeah, I'm beginning to sound like Roch Smith Jr but he's right,  this lack of accuracy is where our problems begin be it the media or public officials. It's this tweaking of the message and slight inaccuracies that allow for the cover-ups, corruption and failure to accept responsibility for their own actions. And while this is but a little thing this is how it begins.

And where does it end? With people loosing their homes, death on our streets, taxes none can afford to pay and no jobs for the working class.