Sunday, September 7, 2014

At Heritage House Everybody Gets Investigated Including Marcus Dalton

Yesterday, Marcus Dalton, owner of On Da Move LLC which owns no less that 2 units at Heritage House and 1 in his own name sent me the following message via Facebook. I can only assume Mr Dalton is new to my blog for him to surface in this manner so my reply included a link to a previous post A Heritage House Conversation With Greensboro City Attourny Tom Carruthers in which I wrote to Interim Police Chief Captain Anita Holder concerning Mr Dalton:

"Captain Holder,
Marcus L Dalton has done time in North Carolina and Georgia. His North Carolina convictions are for trafficking in drugs. I'm being told by Heritage House property owners that Mr Dalton has taken control of the home owners association. For starters: The old board of directors is still legally in charge until a new board of directors is voted in by the homeowners. This requires that all the homeowners be notified. Dalton is already working to remove the old board from the bank accounts. As Jeffery Faith, a Heritage House homeowner and recipient of this e-mail will attest, no one from the old or new HOA has contacted him. Therefore it is safe to assume a crime is being committed right now.
I don't yet know what all these charges are but never before have I seen an 82 page report:

 To add insult to injury, the City of Greensboro is dealing with Mr Dalton on this matter having given him access to the building just today."


Below is a screen grab of my conversation with Mr Dalton. 

I have a number of questions for Mr Dalton should he wish to answer and will no doubt think of more:

Were you, Mr Dalton, aware that Unit 257 which you own was infested with bed bugs and had you done anything to remedy the situation?

A search of the Guilford County Register of Deeds indicates you not only own 3 units at Heritage House but numerous rental properties throughout Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County-- how, so quickly after being released from prison, were you able to finance the purchase of so many properties?

Were any of the people living in your rental properties selling illegal drugs or engaging in kidnapping, prostitution or human trafficking as you have done in the past?

I'm sure Heritage House residents and property owners as well as the citizens of the City of Greensboro will be interested to know the answers to these and more questions should Mr Dalton be willing to respond.

Like I said, everybody gets investigated. If you don't keep secrets then you don't have to lie. It might be that Marcus is okay but this old man doesn't trust anyone until he or she lays it all on the line.