Saturday, September 27, 2014

EZGreensboro Team Member Goes Nationwide!!

Least George think I've abandoned him, I wanted to let everyone know our very own George Hartzman has filed suit against Wells Fargo for $31 Million Dollars in an attempt to:

"The purpose of the lawsuit isn't the money. The purpose of the lawsuit is for [former Wachovia CEO] Robert Steel and [Wells Fargo Chairman, President and CEO] John Stumpf to go to jail," Hartzman told SNL on Sept. 25. "And to have Wells Fargo stop lying to their customers on their monthly statements" for their Envision plans, he added."

The reason? They helped to create the 2008 worldwide financial collapse and deliberatly ripped of working class investors of the company's Envision plans of which George was Vice President of the Envision Division and knows what he's talking about.

And when George tried to stop it they fired him.

Hey George, still want to found that new car manufacturing company in Greensboro? I've found a car we can copy that gets 65 miles per gallon highway and it's not a hybrid.