Friday, September 5, 2014 The Greensboro Transition Begins

I've written several times that things were changing here at East Greensboro Performing Arts Center. Some of the behind the sceens changes like to formation of a team to gather information have been going on so long I've forgotten when it began but rest assured I don't do this alone. There is an ever evolving team of experienced investigators in the background, some with more experience than anyone currently employed by the Greensboro Police Department. And we're always looking for more.

The most recent and visible change is the addition of the easy to remember domain name that will direct people here from anywhere on the Internet. Now when you tell your friends about us simply tell them to go to and look it up. What's the significance to It's Ez to remember and will quickly rank high in search engines.

More changes are in the works, some to make the site better and at least one solely to annoy "City leaders" who won't like it but will be powerless to do anything about it. You might can expect a campaign of those sorts of things flying around Greensboro both online and off line in the coming months as our team finally decides to get serious about putting the truths we uncover into the bigger public view.

And remember: your help is always appreciated as there's no one, regardless of party affiliation or friendships, we won't go after should we find them crossing the lines. Our only loyalty is to learning the truth. You see, that's why they fear us so.