Saturday, September 20, 2014

Greensboro Almost Makes The Forbes List

Forbes recently published 2 lists Greensboro failed to rank on.

The 10 Most Educated Cities In America
1. Ann Arbor, Michigan
2. Raleigh, North Carolina
3. Durham, North Carolina
4. Provo, Utah
5. Manchester, New Hampshire
6. Seattle, Washington
7. San Jose, California
8. Colorado Springs, Colorado
9. Baltimore, Maryland
10. Boston, Massachusetts

The 10 Least Educated Cities In America
1. Beaumont, Texas
2. Salinas, California
3. Rockford, Illinois
4. Brownsville, Texas
5. Modesto, California
6. Visalia, California
7. Bakersfield, California
8. Lakeland, Florida
9. McAllen, Texas
10. Fresno, California

With Greensboro being known as a college town it's usually thought that we have lots of well educated people here so I followed up to find the source from which Forbes got their lists, where I learned that Greensboro, North Carolina ranks 115 out of 150 major metropolitan areas proving what we've long known that people come here to get educated then quickly go away.Greensboro almost made that second list.

Why do they do that? Because there's no reason to stay. Why would a highly educated university graduate want to stay in a city where the best he or she can hope for is waiting table for the elites having dinner and drinks on their way to view a performance at the Steven Tangier Performing Arts Center?

Mayor Vaughan, ever heard the expression, "Dumb as a mud fence?"  Not only is the fence dumb but the one who tries to build a fence out of mud is even dumber. Mayor Vaughan, you have a long and glorious history of building mud fences dating back to the hundreds of Fed Ex jobs that never came.