Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Greensboro's Palace Guard

Could we please stop calling these "reporters" "journalists" - they are the Palace Guard! -- Janie Johnson

While I don't agree with Ms Johnson's political world view, her being a conservative, me being a liberal, I do agree with her view of main stream media. It's Fascism at it's finest. The corporate machine has taken over and no news that disrupts the war machine leaks out.

On the local level the machine runs on real estate and no news that disrupts the constant changing of hands of properties and ensuing commissions and kick backs must leak out. Thus the reason the local main stream media, Greensboro's Palace Guard, refuses to cover the questions and inconsistencies in stories like the Heritage House Saga which forced over 400 people from their homes putting some of them on the street and is taking 177 individually deeded properties away from their rightful owners.

Never mind the fact that our team uncovered documents that proved the crime stastics released by the City were an inflated lie.

Never mind the fact that our investigators found e-mails that proved the water bill was a lie.

Never mind the fact that our team found evidence that the Greensboro Police Department deliberatly looked the other way and allowed the crime to go on there.

Never mind the fact that more and more Heritage House Refugees are becoming homeless with every passing day, Greensboro's Palace Guard continues to fail to report on the inconsistencies pointed out in over 80 posts on Heritage House to date.

And no, to be quite honest, we don't have the complete 100% accurate truth. But what we do have is hundreds of questions that any journalist who was any kind of a real journalist would be asking publicly. But nary a damned one of them are.

Why? Because on this issue, like every single subject I've covered since founding this website we now call, they, Greensboro's mainstream media, be they print, Internet, radio or television, remain Greensboro's Palace Guard, cowards the lot of them.