Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heritage House: It Begins Again

It doesn't matter the topic, the accusations against me are always the same. Instead of debating me on the facts as presented my detractors prefer insuinations and insults. I realize this cuts down on my pool of friends but if having friends were more important to me than discovering the truth I wouldn't spend my time doing what I do.

Allow me to begin by stating the obvious. Well, obvious to anyone with a brain: The truth about Heritage House in the 60 plus articles I've written to date is somewhere in between what the Greensboro City Council would like for you to believe and what myself and our team of investigators has presented to date. It's very easy to see why-- the City of Greensboro has yet to tell the whole story, has so far refused to investigate and refuses to answer our many questions. And rather than not tell any story at all we piece together the story the best we can with the evidence we have on hand until we get it right. Yes, it's messy but apparently the Greensboro City Council prefers this mess because they're not talking.

This is the same process any investigative team goes through. The difference is: We do the piecing together in public view for everyone to see hiding very little for long and hiding nothing forever. Think of it as Open Source Investigation where anyone can add pieces to the puzzle. Yeah, we sometimes get ringers trying to throw us off but every investigation gets the same. We know to verify evidence against multiple sources and weigh the credability and motives of those who come to us.

And folks, Greensboro's status quo has made so many enemies over the years that people line up to come to us.

Our team, and yes there is an entire team of investigators, some trained professionals retired or employed in other jurisdictions, doesn't have the power to send people to jail but we damn sure get results. The team members vary but I no longer work alone and haven't for a very long time. Don't believe that either? Ask Sarah Healey of the City of Greensboro if all the PIRT requests that end up on this blog were sent to me? Sarah won't lie to you. She sends those PIRT requests to lots of different people but they end up here.

Does it work? If you don't believe me just ask any member of the Greensboro City Council when the downtown Wyndham Hotel for which Council approved a $2 Million Dollar incentive grant is going to be built? Ask investors Milton Kern and George House and watch them squirm. Without going into details you can thank my team for saving you $2 Million Dollars. Seriously, call or e-mail any member of City Council and ask when the Wyndham will be built. None of them will credit me or our team for stopping the Wyndham but they'll not be able to tell you when it's to be built because it isn't going to be built. You see, we do more than just blog, we drop dimes too.

Like I said, I don't do this to make friends, I do what is right. But it really pisses me off when, with each and every new scandal, instead of debating me on the merits of the facts as I've presented them, people accuse me of:

"Oh, give me a break Billy. All you do is link to allegations and provide no evidence."

And just for good measure, screen grabs:

Debate me on the facts but there are over 60 articles on Heritage House filled with every kind of document imaginable from cancelled checks to public information requests to documents from the Secretary of State and so much more. You'll need to scroll down the page for a very long time repeatedly clicking on the "older posts" button to read them all. And to accuse me of allegations and no evidence simply makes you the liar for the whole world to see.

Don't insinuate I'm a liar and I'll not insinuate you're a fool.

We're making a difference here in Greensboro, don't let them tell you otherwise. And look for some changes in the coming weeks that will help us help you even more.