Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heritage House News Strikes Fear In City Council

How could I have known so much and been so right about Heritage House as the News & Record's Margaret Moffett points out in yesterday's article, Heritage House money man struggled financially?

That's for our team to know and our team only. 

Margaret has done her homework. Now let me tell you what she'll discover as her investigation continues:

Drew Brown, who Margaret mentioned in her article, is the attorney that founded the company that is offering to buy Heritage House units for $100 each. He is also attorney for more than one of the principals involved. Mr Brown is likely to face charges for Predatory Business Practices and Conflict of Interest with the NC Bar. Mr Brown, ever flipped burgers for a living?

Greensboro City Councilwoman Sharon Hightower's relationship with Drew Brown will need to be investigated as well. And before anyone says it: I HAVE E-MAILS Councilwoman Hightower has so far refused to address.

3-5 Members of the Greensboro City Council are about to get caught up in this. Can you guess who they are?

Also, something Sal Leone pointed out. The City of Greensboro claimed Duke Energy was planning to cut off the electricity to Heritage House which would by law force the City to condemn the property without being the guilty party. But when asked neither Duke Energy nor the City of Greensboro would publicly confirm the electricity cut-off date. The City claimed Duke Energy extended the cut-off date to meet the City's water cut-off date but Duke Energy never confirmed that despite repeated attempts.

So here's the thing: When I asked Councilwoman Hightower why shut off the water, she replied,

"We had to stop the bleeding."

I still have the e-mail.

But had the City of Greensboro simply allowed Duke Energy to shut off the electricity at whatever prearranged date the City and Duke Energy agreed upon the City of Greensboro would have been legally forced to condemn Heritage House without bloodying the City's hands thus making Duke Energy the villain instead of the City of Greensboro and giving me little to trash Mayor Vaughan and the rest of City Council about for the last 3 months. (I mean, seriously folks, it's not like they're really done any work since June, right?)

Obviously someone was very much afraid arrangements might be made to pay Duke Energy and the City's EXCUSE to steal 177 individually deeded properties would then be lost and the land grab circumvented.

Remember folks, we may never get to the bottom of what's going on but if any 1 of the theories our team has presented comes true on over 82 posts on Heritage House to date you'll see City Council members wearing handcuffs. How do you look in chrome, Nancy? I can't lock 'em up but I can damned sure expose them for the cowards and crooks they are and cost the elites a lot of money in the meantime. So, Skip Alston, how much have I cost you in the last year? George House? Milton Kern?

Don't worry Roy, eventually I'll get in your pockets too. When you put morons in power they always screw things up.