Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More 911 Calls Than Heritage House

The Greensboro City Council's efforts to close down Heritage House included touting the "out of control" calls to 911 at that single address so for comparison Sal Leone started researching the numbers for other addresses in Greensboro with "out of control" numbers that have yet to be declared a public nuisance by the City of Greensboro and in doing so he discovered one that no one has even complained about. the following is an e-mail sent last night to the Greensboro City Council, Chief of Police Anita Holder and various members of the local media:

"Sal has discovered a Greensboro address with a far higher 911 call rate than the 2880 in 4 years reported for Heritage House. 3527 in just 3 years. Like wow, out of control. This place should be declared a public nuance and taken by the City of Greensboro to be redeveloped into something safer like say an old folks home or a hotel and convention center. Can anyone guess the address? Could there be others? This must be stopped.
The first one to answer correctly gets to see the actual GPD stats.


The following is a reply from one recipient of the e-mail:

"i dont have the local insight to make a qualified guess, but figure it has to be a residential/multi-unit property...

if yes, then we need to determine how many of the 'heritage house refugees' were relocated to that place, and unload both barrels if that number is any positive integer for the city moving said refugees from the frying pan into the fire."

Indeed, we must chase this scourge from our city, right? The way to deal with ever increasing homelessness, a 21% poverty level and the highest unemployment in the State of North Carolina has become all too apparent to Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan's administration-- drive them all out by taking their homes and giving the properties to rich developers for pennies on the dollar.

Fascism at its finest and Ben Holder helped her make it happen. Confess Ben, and put the real criminals behind bars. Aren't you tired of Nancy jerking your chain every time you get mad at me? Don't you want to feel like a man again? Nancy and Mike are planning to cut your contract and get rid of you over those audio tapes when all you ever did was exactly what they wanted you to do. You're not a landlord, Ben, you live in a rented house, you'll be one of the ones they drive out. Think about it. Nancy's pays over $15,000 a year to send her daughter to Greensboro Day School and Katheryn sleeps safely in an Irving Park mansion while you lie awake at night worrying about the safety of your children in Glenwood and Nancy's solution to slum lords and crime ridden neighborhoods was simply to drive out the good with the bad.

That's not what Ben Holder set out to do-- is it? Be a man Ben, confess.