Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Was Marcus Dalton's Roll In Heritage House?

On page 94 of the SKA Consulting Engineers Inc Report we learn an interesting fact: Marcus Dalton, the owner of 4 units at Heritage House was listed as agent for Southern Community Bank and Trust-- the owner of all the common areas including the 5.87 acre paved parking lot upon which property taxes have never been assessed or paid.

Mr Dalton is also listed as Manager of the Heritage House Home Owners Association Inc.

Is it common for convicted felons to with the most extensive criminal records you've ever seen to be agents for banks? Could that be considered a conflict of interest if say the long term interest of the bank was to regain control of all of the property?

Does Mr Dalton have business relationships with Sonny Vestal? How about Drew Brown or Paul Mengert? Who's Paul Mengert? Mr Mengert is Don Vaughan's long time business partner and owner of AMG (Association Management Group, Inc.) the other property management company that co-managed Heritage House at the exact same time as Vestal Properties but never gets mentioned by the News and Record despite the fact that today the N&R admitted:

"Barber said he wants Greensboro police to look at the N.C. Real Estate Commission’s file on Vestal Property Management, which managed the condominium complex’s homeowners association and 46 individual units."

But as Vestal pointed out in the same article:

"City leaders, he said, are looking for a scapegoat for the complex’s downfall, which likely will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, residents of its 177 units their homes and perhaps its owners their investments."

Do the math, 177 - 43 = 134

If Vestal was only managing 43 units and someone else was managing 134 units then maybe someone should be looking at Dalton and Mengert along with Vaughan, Coffey, Brown and others including some folks in Greensboro government.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan would very much like to play down Mengert and AMG's involvement in Heritage House but that doesn't explain why Vestal Property Management and AMG were both paying the same Heritage House water bill. Does it Mayor Vaughan?

Interim Chief Holder?