Sunday, October 19, 2014

Al Wall On UNCG "We must all save three white people!"

Some took it as mere trolling when Al Wall commented, "We must all save three white people!" on the News & Record thread In embattled UNCG department only 7 of 17 employees remain but before you judge allow me to give you a little insight gained from observing months of Al's trolling.

For starters, there's 2 kinds of Internet trolling and neither are necessarily bad. Most internet trolls are of the type that hide under a bridge and assault you when you attempt to cross, perhaps going so far as to eat you when you resist their efforts to stop them. This is how all bad trolls and a few good trolls operate. This isn't how Al works.

The second type of internet troll is a fisher troll. These trolls speed through the Internet casting lines behind them baited with sentences like "We must all save 3 white people!"

This second type of troll moves fast and throws back most of their catch as most of their catch has yet to grow large enough to be considered worthy. But the few Al Wall doesn't throw back are keepers.

You see, UNCG is a very big and very white institution where a black man and quite possibly a black woman could simply fall through the cracks if he or she were being abused on the job.

That's not to say UNCG is necessarily a racist institution-- racism isn't tolerated at UNCG-- but minorities often become invisible in places where their numbers are so small. And folks, right now, these minorities at UNCG are your allies, they're in the same boat you're in and if something has been silently happening to minorities at UNCG then you white folk need to know it and you need to know it now.

I point this out because Al Wall has certain knowledge or insight that sometimes exceeds even our team here at . For example, while I don't know who Al is, on June 3 Al wrote:

"City neglects--then looks for excuse to demolish colorful grilled-cheese sandwich."

Al was talking about Heritage House even before we discovered the City's history of neglect and subsequent plans to steal 178 individually deeded properties away from their rightful owners. So when Al writes, "We must all save 3 white people!" I see it as Al's way of saying there's something there we haven't been looking for-- something we haven't seen. I'm thinking Al Wall is the fly on the wall that flies into the room ahead of everyone else and remains perfectly still until everyone leaves.

Don't you find it simply amazing how the stories of corruption at UNCG and the City of Greensboro seem to cross over one another? Perhaps myself, someone on the team or Al Wall will explain that to you someday.

Me, I'll be watching Al's hooks a lot closer than ever before. I may even swim towards his boat.