Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is Heritage House A Twist On Civil Forfeiture?

Several readers have e-mailed suggesting that Heritage House is indeed a case of civil forfeiture being carried out against a total of 178 individually deeded properties by the City of Greensboro. While not civil forfeiture in the normal sense of the word after watching these 2 videos both recommended by readers I'm sure you will agree there are striking similarities between civil forfeiture and the actions taken by the City of Greensboro. The only good thing thus far is that civil forfeiture was not declared leaving the City of Greensboro open to 178 very expensive law suits.

And this one:

So what keeps Heritage House from being a case of civil forfeiture? In cases of civil forfeiture law enforcement collects the proceeds from the sale of your property. In the case of Heritage House Greensboro's elite connected developers will profit from the sale of your property. Same thing, only different.