Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Blood On Rocco Scarfone's Hands

Today the News & Record reported the shooting death of 29 year old Kenon Wall at the Magic Gentleman's Club, 2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive here in Greensboro.

But what wasn't reported is that 2216 Martin Luther King jr Drive is the same address as was used by Rocco Scarfone's LAX Gentleman's Club where not too long ago Rocco's boys were caught bleaching the parking lot to remove traces of blood and altering video evidence of a shooting at LAX.

Nor did the News & Record report that the Magic Gentleman's Club is owned by none other than RS International Inc. a company owned by Rocco Scarfone or that the property is also owned by RS International Inc.

No mention of a man being pistol whipped and robbed there in June.

There was no mention of the fact that 4 people were shot there on 1 night just this past March.

Not a word about the armed robbery and SUV stolen there just last year. There things are only a problem when rich developers are hoping to steal your property like was done at Heritage House.

And of course it was never reported that Scarfone, himself a known gangster with an extensive criminal record with ties to Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny, is also soon to open Greensboro's House of Blues.

They didn't tell you that Scarfone owns Hams Restaurants or that he has ties to organized crime.

But as long as he's got lots of money they'll keep letting him kill your kids.

On that you can count on.