Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So What Do Paul Mason's Neighbors Have To Say About Him?

One of Paul Mason's demands when taking the job at UNCG was that he bring in his own people from top to bottom. The problem for Paul was that unlike in the private sector where he had always worked before, UNCG and the UNC system are in-fact branches of sort, of North Carolina government. And firing entire departments at will just isn't done in state government.

Paul Mason would have to get rid of them a few at a time.

This is evidenced in this Facebook posting by his neighbor Leigh Dawson Crotts who writes:

"...The person at the helm of this is my neighbor. He told me that he loved his new job except for some of the people and would make sure they weren't there for long."

So is Leigh Crotts really Paul Mason's neighbor? To verify that we check the Guilford County Tax Records for Leigh Crotts and Paul Mason.

Looks like neighbors to me. Though probably not for long as Mr Mason may soon be moving to 1300 Western Blvd, Raleigh, North Carolina. Enjoy you new home Mr Mason.