Friday, October 10, 2014

UNCG Answers Question About Who Called UNCG Police

This just in: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has replied to questions about who told the UNCG Police Department about the review that ultimately lead to the firings and felony charges against 3 UNCG workers. Their answer: We can't tell you.

Seriously folks, you can't make this kind of stuff up.

This brings up the issue that has been for some time discussed on campus, like this communication recently shared among educators:

"Dear colleagues, I am sharing this thoughtful piece on the controversial role of university police, in light of the presence of police outside Mossman, during the Board of Trustees meeting this week, and a policeman walking around inside our MHRA building around that time. Also, in light of recent events and of the arrest at gunpoint of an African American student, and scraping of his face in the pavement, by UNCG police the day of the inauguration of the overpass on Lee Street. The student was carrying a banner UNCGentrification. I just learned yesterday this extremely talented and intelligent student dropped permanently from UNCG, without finishing his degree. Here is the article as food for thought. The article was shared by one member of our AAUP group. Many thanks

My thoughts:

I'm not certain that I agree with the idea of doing away with campus police as too many cities (like Greensboro, North Carolina) would take away from the campus if given the chance to do so. Even if state and Federal monies were given to the City to provide police to campus the City would always find ways to divert money and personnel.

That said. campus police at UNC schools should not be at the control of each individual school dean or chancellor. Campus police should be a body of State police who do not answer to school officials but to State law enforcement just as does the SBI and Highway Patrol. This would have prevented the railroading of the UNCG 3 and possibly what happened to the young man protesting the gentrification of Glenwood-- something else I stand firmly in opposition to.

It's time campus police were allowed to say no to school administrators when they know lines are being crossed.