Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Zack Matheny: Cause Of Downtown Violence?

Zack Matheny's response to the recent wave of downtown violence:

“I want there to be an army down here,” he said. “Because I want people who are coming from Winston-Salem, from High Point, from Siler City to know that we mean business. I want cameras downtown. I want people that are loitering to know that we’re watching them.”

But how does Zack plan to pay for all this when he just voted to cut the Greensboro Police Department's budget by half a million Dollars? Magic?

Nor does Zack mention the fact that most of the recent downtown violence has been going on at clubs owned by Zack's business partner, the notorious Rocco (Rocky) Carmine Scarfone.

Wonder why that is?  Zack?