Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Mayor Perkins

As some readers may remember, without any authorization from the City of Greensboro, Walker Sanders of the Community Foundation hired commercial realtor David Hagan to buy properties for the Greensboro Performing Arts Center-- why? Mr Sanders had no authority to buy property on behalf of the City of Greensboro. At the time the City Council had not yet voted to build the performing arts center. City Council questioned it but under the direction of then Mayor Perkins it was allowed to slide.

The city already had licensed commercial real estate people on payroll who work without commissions-- why not use them instead? Why not save the City of Greensboro Hagan's commission fees to the tune of $586,000? That's the questions lots of people asked but no one ever answered.

My guess always was that Mayor Perkins needed someone who would pay him a cut on the deals he had already worked out in advance. Robbie has personal and business connections with all the property owners or at least most of them. Robbie was bankrupt, desperate for money, facing incarceration for non support-- suddenly he's rich again. How?

I believed that Robbie used his position as Mayor for personal gain by getting David Hagan to buy the properties and split the commissions with Robbie. What other illegal deals might Robbie Perkins done as Mayor of Greensboro?

But alas, I never had the first shred of evidence... until now.

It appears Robbie thinks he's been cheated by David Hagan. He tried to use the County GIS system but it isn't working so he submits PIRT # 4139 to Donna Gray not realizing Sarah Healey will enter it into the system for all to see: Go read the PIRT for yourself.

"From: Robbie Perkins []
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2014 5:53 PM
To: Gray, Donna
Subject: Tanger Performing Arts Center Acquisition Costs


Hope all is well.

Can I get a summary of the acquisition costs of the land required for the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center?  I need the amounts paid for each of the individual parcels and the date of the purchase.  For some reason, the County GIS information on these sales is either incorrect or not accessable.

Thank you.

Robbie Perkins, CCIM

NAI Piedmont Triad
500- D State Street
Greensboro NC 27405

Direct +1 336 358 3219
Main +1 336 373 0995
Fax +1 336 373 0260
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Now why would Robbie Perkins need to know such information if not to check to see if David Hagan had given him his "fair share" of an illegal transaction in which Walker Sanders is an accessory? I would love to hear the 3 of them explain that one away.

We now have evidence of felonies having been committed to the tune of Millions of Dollars-- get it? Do we have enough evidence for a conviction? Not yet but that's why investigations are done, right?

It's time GPD started leaning hard on some people. The Greensboro Police Department must now investigate Perkins, Sanders and Hagan no matter how much they don't want to or risk looking like a corrupt police department in front of the entire state. I don't care that David Hagan's sister-in-law is former United States Senator Kay Hagan, if Chief Holder is scared then she should be the one contacting the SBI and FBI before this blows up in her face and her retirement and the respect she spent her life earning.

Oh, and Robbie, you misspelled  accessible.

Merry Christmas, Mayor Perkins, may this be your last one for a few years.

As always, share this post with everyone you know and demand City Council give us answers. Demand a criminal investigation begin right away. Give Robbie Perkins the Christmas present he deserves. And perhaps Walker and David can share a cell with him.