Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas Mayor Vaughan: More Problems For Greensboro's Club Ordinance

Recently the Greensboro City Council enacted a resolution calling for Greensboro club owners to employ armed and liscensed security guards. Then suddenly City Council delayed enforcement of the new rules citing something about waiting for a new graduating class of security guards from Guilford Technical Community College. With this in mind I e-mailed the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to ask if there is a list of liscensed security guards. The following is the reply I got just this morning:

"TO: Mr. Billy Jones

Hello Mr. Jones,

Thank you for contacting the Private Protective Services Board with your Public Records Request.

You asked, “ Do you have a list of contractors who currently have certification from the N.C. Private
Protective Services Board?”

REPLY:  I believe you are referring to licensees (individuals licensed by the Private protective Services Board).  The list of persons licensed by the Private Protective Services Board can be reviewed and printed from the DPS website.

Go to our website www.ncdps.gov/pps  as listed at the bottom of my contact information. 

Once the page opens, locate "Licensees" on the left hand side of the page.

Once you open that page, you will find a link to a complete list of all licensees.  Their license number, agency name, address and phone numbers are listed.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

 Anthony B. Bonapart
Deputy Director
Private Protective Services Board
Alarm Systems Licensing Board
Fax: (919) 788-7145"

To make it easier for you I posted their most recent list online. As you can see the total number of individuals licensed by the Private Protective Services Board state wide comes to less than 300 people. Or to put it in perspective, less than 3 licensed security guards per North Carolina county.

Perhaps that is the real reason the Greensboro City Council delayed enforcement of the new rules. Like everything else they tell us, that too was a lie.