Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paul Mason is a Bully: The UR3 Story From The Inside Out

"The latest oddity in the farce that is UNCG's administration is their continued support for Paul Mason at the expense of any and all others. A panel, made up of staff who can be fired (or arrested) told Brady the least they could without endangering themselves and so, most likely, the judgment to uphold the firing of Lyda Carpen will be forthcoming.

For those of you just joining this made-for-made-for-tv drama, here's the summary:
Three loyal UNCG employees complained about the abusive practices of their newly hired supervisor, Paul Mason.

Three loyal UNCG employees were then arrested and fired based on evidence fabricated by Paul Mason and his sidekick Sherri.

UNCG stands behind its claim that the three committed egregious wrong doings while simultaneously suggesting that everyone should stop thinking about it."

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