Monday, December 15, 2014

Sherri MacCheyne’s Time Keeping and Avon

The untold story of the UR3 continues...

"As with any good critical thinker, I like to start off the day with some questions. Today, I am interested in the activities of Sherri MacCheyne, secretary in the University Relations department at UNCG – working directly under and at the order of Paul Mason. After all, she was the one who compiled the reports on the usage of time by the three employees who were fired for exactly that. 

To begin, Sherri uses a time keeping system of her own invention. Why wouldn’t she use the one put in place by the university? 

Employees notified her repeatedly that the system was incorrectly marking the time they input on their schedules. How long did she let that go on?

Aren’t any reports of time usage automatically suspect because of the home-made nature of her time-keeping system? Is there any chance that they would hold up in a court of law, rather than a kangaroo court at UNCG?"

Please continue reading UNCG Clean House by  Sophie Scholl...

Editor's note: While I am personally unable to prove this entire account it was previously verified by the News & Record and investigators from that the UNCG Public Relations Department was not using the State approved method of accounting for employee hours worked. It appears as if we are seeing the makings of evidence that could well lead to a criminal investigation of Assistant Vice Chancellor Paul Mason whom, while not fired, has been told to begin a job search of his own.

Flipping burgers would be my recommendation as no professional organization is going to hire this man and he's too out of shape to dig ditches.