Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Come Fly With Me

Recently Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and Councilman Zack Matheny were in attendance at a nationwide mayor's conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Local Developer Roy Carroll was in attendance as well.

I submitted a public information request asking to see all the expense reports for Zack and Nancy. The following is the reply I received from the City of Greensboro:

"Dear Billy:

Thank you for your recent PIRT request (PIRT # 4179).

In it, you asked for Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Matheny’s expense reports, vouchers, receipts etc regarding the CEOs for Cities event in Nashville, TN which they both attended.

Attached above are their expense reports and receipts including flight and hotel records.

Council Members Matheny did not turn in receipts for food.

Also attached is the travel policy which states that the policy for meals among other things. Page five states the amounts for maximum daily meal allowance. Meals are to be reimbursed for the actual cost of the meal plus a tip, when appropriate.  The total for the day for allowable meals must stay within the recommended daily guidelines shown on the settlement form.  Anything above that total would be the responsibility of the employees.  Receipts for meals are not required unless they meet the business meal criteria.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Sarah Healy"


Mayor Vaughan Expense Reports

Mayor Vaughan Travel Card Settlement

Mayor Vaughan Travel And Hotel

Councilman Matheny Travel Settlement Report

Zack Matheny Travel And Hotel

City of Greensboro Travel Policy

There you have it Folks, look closely and make of it what you will.