Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eric Robert on DGI; "Dishonest - Greedy - Incurable! What s my name?"

"I have been in the belly of the beast as a DGI board member, and i can now affirm that the cancer is terminal! ... What I thought was bad, was actually worst than anyone could ever imagine.

The old guard or legacy made all decisions and hid numerous things from the greater board and therefore from the tax payers and constituents it was supposed to represent...only yesterday did I find out about a potential $20,000 additional payout to Ed Wolverton... Who? What? Ed Wolverton...really?

Incompetent and socially awkward, Ed  Wolverton will soon be $20,000 richer thanks to the world champions who negotiated his departure...$20,000 is a large expenditure and should be put to the board...even our own city manager has to ask for permission to spent more than $10,000.

But forget Ed Wolverton for now,  i certainly had up until yesterday... I still resent the fact that my money is going towards his further enrichment, but i despise the fact that our tax dollars are now going to pay the salary of his deceitful and similarly incompetent successor.

That's is rumored that DGI's hand picked golden boy, President and CEO, Jason Cannon had been a little less than honest and forthcoming during his interview process... It has been uncovered and confirmed that he modified the truth about his education on his resume... (hat tip Billy Jones). One would think that as board members we would have been informed of the deception before Billy Jones made us aware of it.

We later found out that not only did he ambiguously represent his education, he also managed to seal only part of his academic records to prevent anyone from finding out about the potential misrepresentation.

His original resume stated :

2001  NC State University  Master of Public Administration Program
1999  UNCG Bachelor of Arts- Political science and sociology programs

Worth noting that Mr Cannon completed the Master's program in late 2014.

One would think that his refusal to authorize a background check during the interview process would have alarmed Mark Prince, the person in charge of the search committee. Not sure why Mr Prince of the Guilford Merchant Association did not let anyone know about such obvious red flag...or did he???

"Time to pull back the kimono"