Friday, January 23, 2015

Eric Robert on DGI; "Dishonesty over Diversity."

"Yesterday, DGI  decided to amend its recent bylaws in order to bypass last year's council imposed term limits of two consecutive 3 year terms for a maximum of 6 years...

No vote took place but Dawn Chaney, was the recipient of this extra love (with council approval)  and will remain on the board for a seventh year... Afterall the first six were so memorable.

Worth noting that there was obsolutely no one else, in the entire city of Greensboro, remotely capable of filling the void that would have been left by her not so sudden departure...

not one soul!

But never mind all that...Based upon our Mayor's suggestion,  DGI 's executive committee delayed last month meeting and tried hard  to summon additional, desirable black folks to join and go along... the appearance of diversity had to be maintained at all cost.

With a new board make up of 80% White members, (and with a 100% White nominating committee) you would think it was almost an impossible task as DGI's elite could only come up with 2 new Black directors for a grand total of three.

In a city with 43% Black constituents, the results leave me a little perplexed but not surprised... Frankie Jones must not have been available as he is already serving on every other board and commission throughout the city.

So while the nominating committee was devouring the "Who's Who" directory looking for trained, acceptable Black members, it unanimously reappointed my favorite Bourgeoise wannabe, Teresa Yon. Teresa remained on the board even though she only attended two meetings all years... her contribution must have been very valuable outside of the board room as it certainly was non existent inside.

According to the DGI bylaws Ms Yon should have been removed from the board a while back due to her deplorable attendance, but, as noted in the first paragraph, bylaws seem to be flexible when convenient.

With the city now assuming the cleaning of our streets and the maintenance of Roy's [Center City] park, DGI has very little to accomplish or aspire to, except maybe, for the allocation of $180,000 streetscape plan that has NO CHANCE of ever being implemented, but don't take my word for it...ask any council member !

With now a staff of 6, and salaries approaching $400,000+ (not counting benefits), it is legitimately impossible to justify DGI's existence or reason for being as it is obvious that the leadership does not possess the integrity or economic development expertise needed to move us forward.

THINK ABOUT IT... how does anyone honestly justify the salaries?"