Thursday, January 15, 2015

Glenwood Demolition Gone Awry

I just mailed the following e-mail to the entire Greensboro City Council:

"Mr Bediz just called me. Code enforcement inspectors have arrived at one of his historic houses with demolition orders to destroy the house on Monday morning.

Sharon, these houses were dilapidated for years before Mr Bediz bought them. A search of the Guilford County Register of Deeds shows every house and every property he owns throughout the entire county:,%20BULENT

If you check the tax records you will see that he has owned none of these homes over 5 years. None of these properties became that dilapidated in only 5 years-- fact. Greensboro ignored the problems until Bulent Bediz bought them and started restoring them. This is a land grab no matter how you cut it.

His lawyers are going to prove that in court. My blog post and the documentary film that is being produced by an award winning documentary film maker is going to prove that in the court of public opinion.

The more houses the City of Greensboro tears down the bigger the lawsuits the City has to pay and the worse it looks for everyone involved.

Stop all demolitions now! If City Council really cared you would start the process to save the neighborhood with historic designation. You know it, I know it and now everyone else knows it.

Now I'm going to post this e-mail to my blog."

We now have proof that Bulent Bediz is being targeted by the City of Greensboro. His lawyers will prove that in court. In the meantime city officials keep hidden who is behind this effort while Mayor Vaughan accuses the man who has successfully restored 30 historic Glenwood homes in 40 years as being the Cancer of Glenwood.