Monday, January 12, 2015

Greensboro Makes National List For Prostitution

As reported by News & Record reporter, Joe Killian, UNCG makes prestigious list...of students looking for Sugar Daddies, Mommas:

"According to, UNCG is #36 on its annual list of "Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools."

The site matches people looking for a...ahem, "mutually beneficial arrangement."

Seeking Arrangement CEO Brandon Wade, who financed his MIT education through loans, thinks the site's growth on college campuses is down to students looking for creative ways to pay for college in a challenging environment.

“While other countries seek to create opportunity and provide a better start for students by abolishing tuition fees or at least lowering them to reasonable amounts, Congress continues to ignore the problem,” Wade said in a Monday press release. “The average debt is more than what most of these new graduates will make in a year.” 

That's right, what has long been Greensboro's most prestigious university is now home to high dollar hookers made possible in no small part with the help of UNCG Chancelor Linda Brady whose wild voyages into speculative real-estate ventures have helped to push already skyrocketing college costs through the stratosphere leaving students no choice but to go down.

Call it what you will it's still trading sex for money and it's the first addition this year to the ever growing list, Merry Christmas From The City Of Greensboro: Proof Greensboro Sucks.

Like wow, who knew when I titled that post last month the first update really would be about sucking? Hey, still want to do that TV show, Greensboro? We've got everything you need on the pages of, mayor having affairs, corrupt politicians, gangsters, murder on the streets, crooked cops, greedy business men, payola, blackmail and now even hot college prostitutes.  (That ought to draw us some keyword traffic.) Why if I could sell the last 4 years of this blog I could get rich, bring a major television show to Greensboro and rebuild our dying local economy almost singlehandedly.

And everybody we've exposed would be hated by the world. Wouldn't that be a hoot?