Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Wish Bulent Bediz Had Moved To Bessemer

Did Glenwood resident Bulent Bediz really kick a Greensboro Police Officer yesterday? I wasn't there but I've submitted a public information request to the City of Greensboro that includes a request for body camera videos and in-car camera videos. If GPD refuses to provide such evidence you can decide for yourself.

After years of persecution and prosecution by the City of Greensboro in an effort to steal his property you can hardly blame him if he happened to go over the edge. Frankly, I don't think he did it.

I did see Bulent's cars parked under his carport. I found it interesting that the City of Greensboro was towing away classic BMWs and Jags Mr Bediz had parked under a carport. That's right, the City doesn't allow you to keep a classic car under a carport. But the City of Greensboro gladly takes your money and issues building permits for carports. They'll also charge exorbitant fees to give you your cars back then come back and tow them away again.

I understand the need to remove abandoned and junked cars but this wasn't the case.

City code enforcement laws require that cars parked on public streets be stickered and given 10 days before they are towed. Bulent Bediz and his crew were pushing his some of his cars down the block to a commercial property he owns where cars can be legally stored but police and code enforcement towed those cars as well.

Yesterday Glenwood residents watched in shock as one of their most beloved residents, 69 year old Bulent Bediz was arrested by Greensboro Police and his property stolen and damaged by Greensboro Code Enforcement and despite pleas by myself and others to Councilwoman Sharon Hightower and City Attorney Tom Carruthers, nothing was done to stop it. Nothing, as if they don't give a damn.

This city doesn't car about the weak and the old. They don't care about the least among us. Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan called Bulent Bediz the cancer of Glenwood when in-fact Bulent has fixed up more houses and is loved by more people living in Glenwood than anyone.

Of course all of you are wondering why Mr Bediz had all those cars in his yard. Seems crazy, right? The exact details will be made public soon as the story has now become too big for the media to ignore much longer but I will tell you this much: It was the fault of UNCG and the City of Greensboro-- putting the cars in his yard was the only option they left him with. 

I wish that instead of moving to Glenwood in the 1970s, Bulent Bediz had moved to the Bessemer Community where I live. We sure could use a Bulent Bediz here on the east side of town.