Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mayor's Husband Guilty Of Accepting Illegal Campaign Contributions

Folks say you are known by who you keep company with. If that's true then Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan sure has herself in a pickle doing photo shoots for the Triad Business Journal with known gangster Rocky Scarfone and being married to North Carolina State Senator Don Vaughan who recently paid fines for illegal campaign contributions.

As a matter of fact, according to the State Board of Elections, Mr Vaughan has been in trouble for quite some time.

Now the elites may view this matter of factly but the working class sees this as yet another man who obviously thinks himself better than anyone else and above the law to waste so many years and so many taxpayer dollars before finally settling what he knew all along was his to pay. Especially when you consider that Don Vaughan is in-fact a millionaire.

But that's how people like Don and Nancy go through life. They never face real consequences for their actions so they believe they can do no wrong. No one stands up to them because of their wealth, influence and power so their tyranny grows. And when they do pay a fine... In this case the $299.oo fine comes to roughly what Donald R Vaughan charges for 1 hour of his time as a working lawyer.

How many of the rest of you wish you could get away with being charged only 1 hour's pay for breaking the law-- any law? Now you understand how they keep getting away with it.