Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oldest House In Glenwood To Be Destroyed Today

The City of Greensboro has placed DH Griffin Demolition Company under contract to destroy the oldest historic home in the entire Glenwood neighborhood today. Despite the fact that the demolition order being used by the City has expired the Code Enforcement Department of the City of Greensboro is following through on the demolition as more and more homes are destroyed under the guise of cleaning up the neighborhood when in-fact homes owned by Capital Facilities Foundation (UNCG) are allowed to stand even though they do not meet code.

The Lexington Avenue home owned by Bulent Bediz was under repair when Code Enforcement made the decision to destroy it.

A search of the Guilford County GIS System clearly shows how Capital Facilities has surrounded Mr Bediz on 3 sides and is now using the power of the City to steal his properties. As a matter of fact, Capital Facilities Foundation and the State of North Carolina are in-fact the largest owners of unsafe properties in Glenwood and Greensboro.

And yet our City leaders stand idly by and allow the destruction of the oldest historic home in one of Greensboro's most unique historic neighborhoods while blaming it on the man who has personally saved more historic Greensboro homes than anyone in this city.

Update: Before and after photographs of the house taken by Mr Bediz's friend and neighbor Nancy Lenk:

Greensboro's history and Bulent Bediz's dreams forever destroyed as Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan, the Cancer of Greensboro, continues her war on Greensboro's working class.