Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rhino on UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady October 17 faculty forum contradictions

"The UNCG 3 – who were fired and arrested in the fall for making mistakes on their time sheets and other such heinous crimes – are in various stages of their grievance process, but someone in the upper ranks of the University of North Carolina system needs to be looking at UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady and the faculty forum she held on Oct. 17.  What Brady said at that forum has been contradicted by the courts and now by the grievance committee.

Brady said in her speech, “Let me assure you this is not about a few hours of time recorded inaccurately.”

But District Court Judge Teresa Vincent, when the matter was in her courtroom, said that it was a case of not being careful and she admonished the two photographers, Chris English and David Wilson, to be more careful in the future about writing things down.

Nothing at all was said to Lyda Carpen in court except that the charges were dismissed.  But when Carpen went before the Grievance Committee, they determined that there was no cause to fire Carpen for errors on the timecards.  They upheld her dismissal on the grounds of conflict of interest because she did freelance work for one of the photographers who reported to her and she used a university computer, which she had permission to take home for work other than university work.

They did not find that any issues with timecards for her or her employees rose to the level of a dismissal, much less arrest.

So the question someone in authority needs to ask Brady is, why did she mislead the faculty at her faculty forum?  Was it because she was misled herself and had been given bad information by a subordinate?  Or did she think that it sounded better to say these were “egregious” actions, and then she hoped the truth wouldn’t come out?

It’s a serious offense for the chancellor to mislead the faculty – far more serious than for longtime employees to make a couple of mistakes on their timecards.

Brady could clear the whole thing up by having another faculty forum and explaining why she misled the faculty at the October forum."

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