Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zack Fixes Tickets For Rocky Scarfone

In what could be considered the equivilent of fixing tickets, Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny again exempted 2 businesses owned by Rocky Scarfone from Greensboro's new club security ordiance.

Cone Denim Entertainment Center and Buckhead Saloon were both exempted despite recommendations from City Attourny Tom Carruthers that both be included in the new ordinance.

The new ordinance passed in special session today exempts Buckhead despite the fact that former police chief Ken Miller confirmed there has been at least one death there at the hands of club bouncers.

How could Councilman Matheny exempt what has proven to be the most dangerous club in Greensboro, a place where rapes and murders have been documented by the Greensboro Police Department, from his own club security ordinance unless Mr Matheny is on the take?

And it's not just Methany, Mayor Vaughan and Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann also refused to include the Buckhorn Saloon and Cone Denim Entertainment Center. But then that should come as no surprise.

Councilwoman Hightower fought to include Mr Scarfone's clubs in the new ordinance but was outnumbered.

Correction: The ordinance has not yet met final approval but is expected to be approved as is, at the next City Council meeting.