Monday, February 16, 2015

Economic comments and the last 6 charts

Mr. Heasley put up a video in the last post, and I was listening to it while reading "Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic"
War etc... interrupts commerce.

Social disorder impedes economic growth.

Some Libyans slaughtered some Egyptian Christians on YouTube etc...

Ukraine, Syria, Yemen etc...

Racial strife and in America.

Our national news industry more compromised then ever...

A mass killing on a beach would have caused a US war 5 years ago,
now its just one of the things that happened this week.

Pretty blatantly fascist moves by come of the local cronies,
which means probably a lot more elsewhere.

Seems like a lot more than usual.

Feels like a kind of desperation.

Most are going along to get along.

Imagine the desperation of others in less stable countries.

Would you rather live during the ascendancy of a civilization,
or in its decline?
The last six economic posts at Hartzman's were all charts;

Total Business Inventories / Sales Ratio

Chinese Exports, Year over Year

Dollar strength and crisis correlations

China Leading Index

Dallas Fed New Orders

U.S. Crude Oil Stocks