Friday, February 13, 2015

NC Governor Pitches City Against City: We Lose

While the Piedmont Triad Partnership, Randolph County Commissioners and Greensboro's status quo real estate lobby is pushing for the City of Greensboro to invest over $21 Million Dollars in the proposed Greensboro-Liberty Megasite in hopes of landing an automobile manufacturer in the Triad, Governor Pat McCrory seems to be more interested in working against them. From the Raleigh News & Observer:

"News reports have said both Volvo and Land Rover are looking at southeastern states for a new manufacturing facility.

The governor gave the Rocky Mount leaders and business owners a taste of his sales pitch for their city.

“Rocky Mount is close to a major economic revival,” he said. “I’m recruiting business to the Rocky Mount region because of the close proximity to the airport in Raleigh, to rail lines, to ports.

“Another thing you have in Rocky Mount, you have some great land to bring in your industry, that major economic regions do not have. ... I would like you to know I’m selling that land right now.”

The Greensboro City Council is in the habit of ignoring my e-mails so perhaps you should e-mail City Council before they spend $21 Million Dollars on another empty industrial park in another county. I mean seriously, with the Governor using the power of the state, closer to ports and cheaper land in Rocky Mount what chance does Greensboro really have?

Oh, and what the article isn't telling you is that the megasite in Rocky Mount as well as several others across the state are already open and ready for businesses to move in.

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